Melina Davies

Olive & Thyme started in 2011 as a small restaurant born out of Melina Davies love for food and togetherness. It was a small open kitchen in Toluca Lake and a giant leap of faith for Melina. You could say the odds were against her: Melina, a movie producer, had no experience in the restaurant world—and this was LA, the land of thousands of eateries, wine bars and bistros. But what Melina had was a cadence in the kitchen. After a fourteen-hour day on set, she’d relish getting home to cook a meal for her family and friends. After a little soul searching and huge encouragement from her husband, Christian, Melina opened her first restaurant.

In those early days, you would often see Melina in the kitchen at the expo line, while her newborn daughter sat sleeping through lunch at the high-top counter. The restaurant was warm, vibrant, and always busy. Melina and her team whipped up dishes that were local, seasonal, and delicious. They spent time with each customer, introducing them to some of the most amazing cheese, charcuterie & wine from France, the delectable treats from local vendors and would guide them through a new culinary experience. People came—over and over again, and would tell their friends, and the buzz continued to grow.

Olive & Thyme grew to be a destination. Today, Olive & Thyme has two locations and are currently building their third. It’s where families gather over Melina’s coveted Fattoush salad, co-workers grab Spicy Chicken sandwiches or Lemon Bars to go, and friends can meet for glasses of sparkling rosé. It’s where the curious go to seek Melina’s latest finds, from global tableware to cookbooks to curated spices, all artfully stocked and for sale throughout the space.
Ultimately, it’s a destination for being in good company.

Olive & Thyme: Everyday Meals Made Extraordinary